681 Moberly Road, Vancouver, BC, 5VZ 4A4 CANADA

Legal Description: PL VAS466 LT 3 FC LD 36

Gross Taxes: $ 2092.85

Tax Roll Number: 00716163606003

Strata Maintenance Fees: $316.00 per month

Utilities: BC Hydro (electric for light and some heat – baseboards) and Terasen Gas for fireplace and exterior barbecue

City Lease: Fully Pre-paid

Owner: Ann M Pollock, address available on request, resident in UK

Local Contact for viewing:  Alan or Gloria Chamberlin  604 340 9910

Floor Plan: link here. Interior space: 1358 sq. feet

Price: CAD $598,000

Availability: Immediate occupancy possible after sale completed.

Restoration Status: Exterior work on Building A, the part of Creek Village that faces Moberly Road is due to be completed by end February when exterior fencing completed. Work will continue through the winter on Building B (the units facing Millbank) and Building C (units facing water  on Millyard). Total restoration cost: >$6 million.


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